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Post No. 1 is nothing special; I just wanted to say welcome to Jason Drexler Writes, and I didn’t realize until today how cool WordPress is. This blog will likely cover a lot of categories; I’m thinking of including some of my fiction, including short stories and possibly some serialized novels, as well as nonfiction items such as reflections on my Christian faith. You have my sincerest gratitude for visiting, and I hope you get some enjoyment or other benefit out of it.


Adapting to the Truth

The Creation of Adam

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Creation vs. Evolution is an old and often-intense debate. As a Christian who believes in a plain reading of the Bible, I fall squarely on the side of creation, so you could say that I believe in creationism because it’s in the Bible. I also, however, believe in creationism because of my life experiences—in particular, because of what I’ve discovered through the process of working things out by logic.

There are many aspects to this debate, and I’ll address only one in this post: Adaption vs. Evolution. Adaptation and evolution are indeed two different things — the first happens and the second doesn’t. All creatures have a certain amount of built-in flexibility, enabling them to adapt (up to a certain point) to changing conditions, but such adaptability isn’t an example of “molecules-to-man” evolution, which in fact doesn’t exist. Nor is it “evolution” when two species of the same type of animal interbreed and produce offspring that feature certain characteristics from each parent species. This is simply adaptability (or flexibility, or variety) within type or kind — as when a short blonde woman mates with a tall brunette man and they produce, say, a short brunette boy. “Molecules-to-man” evolution cannot occur; such a process depends on mass amounts of beneficial mutations, but these are, first of all, rare; furthermore, mutations, even the rare beneficial ones, ALWAYS involve the loss of genetic information, never gaining any, so the Darwinian evolutionist scenario of molecules becoming, over millions of years, men is literally impossible: simple molecules would never have become anything else but genetically degraded versions of themselves, and no other creatures would ever have arrived on the scene. They like to throw in “millions of years” because it makes their case SOUND more plausible (“Sure, anything can happen over millions of years!”), but logic and the facts don’t allow for this: you can wait TRILLIONS of years if you want, but single-celled organisms are never going to become people.

God created all of life roughly 6,000 years ago, the various types of creatures (including humans) have stayed basically the same since then, Noah’s Flood is the only event in the history of the world that made mass fossilization possible (fossilization requires the quick laying down of sediment to preserve said fossils, so fossils couldn’t possibly be preserved over “millions of years” — they’d rot long before they were preserved!), and evolution is often a convenient way for “unbiased” God-haters to cope. Questions? Visit Also, feel free to share your thoughts below.

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