The Real Story Behind Lin-sanity

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New York Knicks phenom and former Harvard standout Jeremy Lin is deservedly getting a lot of attention these days, but the real story of his success is getting a bit overlooked—a story he points out whenever he can, and which the San Jose Mercury News does a great job telling in an article just posted less than an hour ago. You can read the whole story here, but here’s an excerpt to wet your whistle:

His devout Christianity, bred at the Chinese Church of Christ in San Mateo, has been his guide since he was young. But Lin admits these last few months were a test unlike anything he had seen before.

Sucker punched by the cold business of the NBA — playing for his third team in a year — Lin suffered in silence. Before he was the talk of the sports world, before he was crowned star of the Knicks, Lin was ridden with doubt and anxiety. So he doubled down on his commitment to God.

Without that, he believes, there would be no Lin-sanity.

As a Celtics fan, I dislike seeing the Knicks climbing the standings, but God is not a secret to be kept. Thanks, Jeremy.


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