‘Hunger Games’ Not Filling Me Up

The Hunger Games

Image via Wikipedia

Alright, I realize I might be publicly flogged for saying this, but so far (that is, about 85 pages in), I’m not getting blown away by The Hunger Games. Please, please, let me explain.

Things started off great. Author Suzanne Collins got right into the action without any unnecessary buildup or extraneous details, and the story was moving along well, with every scene doing what a scene is supposed to do: advancing the plot.

About the time Katniss and Peeta got on the train to the Capitol, however, my own trip got off track. I recognize that no story can maintain a constant high level of action, that there must be at least a few lulls in the action, if for no other reason than to heighten the excitement of the peaks, so maybe I just need to plow through until it picks up again (which will hopefully be soon).

Whaddaya say? Any words of encouragement from any of you out there? Or should I just drop this book like a bad habit?


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