Stomach Ulcers Caused by Evolutionists

English: Dr. John Robin Warren AC (born 11 Jun...

Dr. Robin Warren; Image via Wikipedia

No. Not really. Well, maybe sometimes. But I’m just having a bit of fun there in the title, based on what follows, which is an intriguing editorial by Creation magazine’s Tas Walker in which he uses former medical dogma concerning peptic ulcers to show how important it is to give honest consideration to the truth of the Bible and special creation. Below is an excerpt, and you can read the whole editorial here.

Thirty years ago, two Australian physicians, Robin Warren and Barry Marshall, discovered that stress and diet do not cause peptic ulcers, as doctors believed. Instead, a previously unknown bacterium (Helicobacter pylori) is the culprit. Other doctors dismissed their findings and even rejected a paper about their work. It was impossible, they thought, for bacteria to live inside the human stomach.

Many today dismiss God as Creator, not because they have examined the evidence but because of conditioning. They accept ideas about science and the Bible because of the culture. As with peptic ulcers, good research and information are needed to correct these wrong ideas.


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