‘Hunger Games’ Update: It’s Getting Better

The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

The story that got better ... so far. (Photo credit: life serial)

So I decided to persist with my reading of “The Hunger Games,” and I’ve been rewarded with departure from Slogville (that place in the story where all the pre-Hunger Games training—and  yawning—took place) and passage into the main thrust of the story: Katniss competing in the Hunger Games.

The start of the “festivities” heralded a rebirth of action and of the plot moving forward at a pleasing pace, and even has me looking forward to something: if and how Katniss will really stick it to the Gamemakers and the other demented folks of the Capitol (I really hope she does, and somehow avoids death).

I’m sure that my changing opinion of “The Hunger Games” will disappoint the nonfan of the book who referenced my previous post on the topic, but what can I say? Hey, maybe the book will take a turn for the worse and I’ll be back off the wagon. We’ll see.


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