Slovaks to Name Bridge After Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

In his next role, Chuck Norris stars as a bridge spanning an entire river! ... Image via Wikipedia

Just when you thought you’d heard all the good-natured Chuck Norris jokes imaginable, here comes a new one from the New York Post: “Fact: Chuck Norris will soon span the river dividing Slovakia and Austria in just one bound … if the residents of Bratislava get their way.”

Authorities in the capital of Slovakia, a former Eastern Bloc nation, have asked residents to vote on the name of a new bridge that’s crossing the Morava River over the border to the Austrian village of Schlosshof. The voting is open until April, but as of Thursday, Chuck Norris had received 1,157 votes for 74% of the total, and the second-place choice, Maria Theresa (after a former Austro-Hungarian empress), had only 8% of the vote, so it’s looking like Chuck will once again kick butt.

But should we have expected anything less?

To read more about this cool story, go here and here.

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