The Beauty of Genesis

The Creation of Adam

In the beginning, God created. ... Image via Wikipedia

The defense of the Bible’s Creation account is one of my passions, as some of you may already have noticed. I hope to post many more articles on Creation vs. Evolution, some original and some the work of others that I feel is particularly good, but right now I want to do something a bit different than the usual proof- or debate-style post. I want to simply talk about the beauty of Genesis.

The longer I’ve studied the Creation vs. Evolution issue, the more I’ve dug into Scripture’s account of Creation, and the more I’ve dug into Scripture, the more I’ve been amazed at its depth and its elegant simplicity. In the beginning, God created. Plain and simple, yet vibrant. How did He do it? Without revealing the details of what transpires when an omnipotent God exercises his power, the Bible does tell us He spoke everything into existence. God said, “Let there be … ,” and it was—the stars, the sun, the moon, all plant and sea life and land creatures, and then finally mankind. Out of literally nothing (focus on what that means), he made something. Lots of somethings, actually. Before He spoke, neither the material universe nor anything in it was.

He created us humans in perfection, in a physical paradise. He built into us a reminder of our frailty, of our utter dependence on him, by creating us out of dirt—the stuff we step on every day. Yet He also built into us a reminder of His wonderful love and of how much He cares for us by making us in His image: that is, more than just material, more than just animal instinct—as personal, relational, social, creative, highly intelligent beings capable of communion with Him, our perfect Creator God.

This is so much more glorious and transcendent than the evolutionary, Darwinian, atheistic theory, which imparts no intention, no purpose, no destiny, no vibrancy, no creativity (only destructivity), and no meaning. In Genesis we see a deliberate, intentional act of Love, a happening in which Love Himself brought us into existence for the sole purpose of knowing and enjoying Him.


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