The Danger of Evolutionary Thinking

King James Version of the Bible

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There’s a great post today on delving into the life of famous paleontologist Louis Leakey. Though some of his work was controversial, he became the patriarch of “the first family of paleontology,” and was an ardent Darwinist … even though he grew up as the son of Christian missionaries and once aspired to become a missionary, sometimes (as the story notes) even standing on a soapbox as a young man at Boscombe and preaching to passers-by. The crux of the story is that he gave up all that in favor of Darwinian evolution. The article puts it best:

Louis Leakey’s life played out on the world stage a tragedy which is, sadly, all too common. So often, godly parents fail to see that the ‘science’ teaching that their offspring are imbibing is all within a framework that rejects Bible history. It is based on a philosophical belief system that rejects direct divine action. But the Bible’s history is foundational to the Gospel. So it is not surprising that such students usually end up rejecting their childhood belief—especially those brighter ones who can spot the inconsistencies of putting ‘faith’ and ‘reality’ in two separate boxes.

If only such parents were to arm and equip their family with a biblical worldview, one which lets them connect the evidence of the real world to the Bible, what a difference such real science would make!

Louis Leakey died in London on 3 October 1972, aged 69. As with all of us, his choices were relevant to both his temporal and his eternal destiny. Honoured by the world which is ‘passing away’, he missed being ‘the man who does the will of God’ and who ‘lives for ever’ (1 John 2:17).

Contrary to what theistic evolutionists believe, there’s no Biblical evidence for God utilizing evolution, and contrary to what evolutionists believe, Christians are not against true science. People like myself believe that true science lines up with what the Bible teaches—not because we force it to, but because it really does. And evolution, uniformitarianism, millions of years, and the notion of “pre-Adamite apemen” are not true science. They come entirely from a worldview that hates God and seeks to exclude Him—even annihilate the idea of Him, if it were possible. Molecules-to-man, goo-to-you evolution has never been empirically demonstrated—and honestly, I think that if evolutionists were shown the skeleton of Yao Ming next to the skeleton of Verne Troyer, they’d think they were looking at two species instead of one, and that’s pretty much the story with all of evolutionary theory; uniformitarianism is based on a false, non-evidence-based assumption that things have always been as they are now; the idea of “millions of years” for the history of the universe was proposed largely to accommodate the notion that evolutionary change requires huge amounts of time, but again, evolutionary theory is simply a bunch of “just-so” stories for the convenience of evolutionists’ God-hate; and the idea of “pre-Adamites” or “apemen” is the result of Christians or other theists compromising their theistic beliefs in an attempt to gain acceptance from secular society.

Parents need to know this stuff, and they need to be teaching it to their kids. The truth is out there; we just need to make it known.


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