Unveiling a New Universe

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid...

The Unveiling: A whole new universe. ... Image via Wikipedia

Today I posted a short story called Lonely Boy, about a young loner who’s faced personal tragedy and professional roadblocks but unexpectedly gets plopped into the middle of a dream situation without leaving the comfort of his own small cocoon. You can read it here.

You may also have read some or all of my serialized novel A Thing Greatly Feared, which I’ve been posting one chapter at a time on Jason Drexler Writes. If you’ve read that, as well as Lonely Boy, and were paying close attention, you may have noticed a connection between the two: the Friday Nite Diner. Yes, that’s right, both stories take place in the same small town of Foster’s Glen, Maine, and together they serve as the introduction to a whole new universe—more specifically, my literary metaverse.

For several years now I’ve been working on a series of novels that aren’t an official “series,” per se, like the Harry Potter and Twilight series, but they nonetheless all take place in the same fictional universe, and though at first glance many of the stories seem mostly if not entirely unrelated—worlds apart, even—they are quite related, and are all driving towards a unified climax. I’m calling the series The Unveiling.

Several of the stories take place in Maine, my native land, but some are set in my new home state of California. There’s adventure, drama, mystery and intrigue—as a whole, I’d describe the series as a supernatural cryptothriller, sort of an Indiana-Jones-meets-Lost, with a lot of questions and clandestine activity to puzzle out. Over time (probably quite a long time), I’ll be rolling out different portions of this series.

So, welcome to The Unveiling. I hope you enjoy it. =)


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