Idiot Light

New porch light

What lurks around the porch light? ... (Photo credit: broken thoughts)

The light flared in the blackness, and Prince was after it without thinking. Through darkness he sped, a fluttering sensation welling inside him. He didn’t know what the feeling was – only that it felt good, and made him quiver – or what the light was, or what he was heading into; he was young, and he’d never been in this kind of situation before.

When he reached the source of the glow, he realized that he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Looking around for help at some of the others who had also just arrived, he was met only with confusion: The elders flitted around without any apparent direction, and his fellow youngsters sat still as rocks.

Should we follow the lead of the elders, or are we supposed to remain still?

Prince couldn’t figure out what all the movement was about, so he decided to stay put. With that decision made, he turned his eyes and thoughts back to the glow, and soon fell into a dumb stupor; everything else – food, drink, sleep, his questions about the fluttering feeling and the light, even time – was forgotten. Prince stared, taking in every part of the glow, memorizing every beautiful detail, wrapping himself in what seemed like a neverending dream.

And then it was gone. Prince looked and saw that morning had come, so he and his fellow bugs wandered aimlessly away, like lovers rejected, from the now-extinguished porch light.

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