O’Donnell, Huston Need Lesson on Reproductive ‘Rights’

The Rosie O'Donnell Show

Oh, how far she's fallen since this show, which, believe it or not, I enjoyed. ... Image via Wikipedia

So one of my favorite liberals (and by “favorite” I mean “unfavorite”), Rosie O’Donnell, is flapping her yapper again (does she ever stop?), and I can add Angelica Huston to my “(un)favorite liberals” list. Here’s a snippet of a conversation involving the two on Piers Morgan’s show:

“What has happened, that we are fighting again for reproductive rights?” said O’Donnell, filling in for Morgan.

“And how did guys get to be the ones to solely discuss it?” said Huston. “It’s absolutely astonishing to me, it’s the Dark Ages.”

Yes, when we actually take the time to consider the implications of reproductive “rights” (such as abortion), we’re committing a serious crime against humanity and intelligence. And when men dare to open their mouths about a topic that, you know, kinda does require their participation, we’re excluding all women from the conversation. Yes, Rosie and Angelica, you’re absolutely right. Let me fall at your feet and beg for forgiveness on behalf of all men and conservatives.

Give me a break. As far as I know, men aren’t the only ones discussing this issue; far from it. And there’s nothing illegitimate about engaging in a discussion when the question of so-called “rights” is involved. I don’t have time at the moment to get too deep into this issue, so I’ll summarize: Roe v. Wade is one of the worst legal decisions in our country’s history, morally and legally; and contrary to what liberals say, this isn’t solely an issue of a woman’s right to choose, because the body with the most at stake is not the woman’s but the baby’s.

To see video, courtesy of Breitbart, click here.

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