Alien Delusion: Evolutionists Place Hope in E.T.


I am your creator ... not! ... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find it amusing when evolutionary scientists, such as Richard Dawkins, who view God as a fairy tale can bring themselves to believe (at least, they say they believe) that aliens seeded life on Earth. Really?? God is too unbelievable a concept for you, but you can convince yourself that something out of a 1950s B sci-fi movie is the answer to the origin of life? Wow.

To me, this just illustrates how much they loathe God, the very idea of God, and what lengths they’ll go to in order to try to avoid God, and to distract others from God. Aliens have been a popular topic in the U.S. for the last 60 years, so in light of these things, I want to share an interview with Gary Bates, author of Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection. Part I first, followed by part II:



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