Obama Contraceptive Plan Fundamentally Wrong

Picture Of Ortho Tri-Cyclen oral contraceptive...

Want birth control? That's fine. Just pay for it yourself. ... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the numerous problems with ObamaCare, the most recent to take center stage is the Obama Administration’s insistence on taxpayers covering the cost of contraceptives. This is fundamentally wrong.

First, contraceptives aren’t “health care.” If you don’t want to get pregnant, fine—either don’t have sex, or pay your own way with contraceptives—but don’t try to equate pregnancy prevention with illnesses, diseases and conditions—you know, cancer, flu, arthritis, MS, and other things that are actually harmful.

Second, the fundamental purpose of taxes is to pay for those things which all members of society share in common—think public roadways and public sewer and water systems. My taxes shouldn’t be put toward paying for your personal lifestyle choices (pregnancy, after all, is a matter of choice, unlike most illnesses).

Most importantly, this is a matter of conscience, and it’s similar to the situation wherein the government wants to force anti-abortion pharmacists to fill prescriptions for the morning-after pill: it is morally horrific to force someone to do something that goes against their deepest-held beliefs, especially in so crucial an area as life itself. There’s a fair number of people who, because of their religious beliefs, disapprove of the use of contraceptives, so to force them to pay for others’ contraceptives would be a violation of their First Amendment right to exercise their religion as they see fit.

All in all, the Obama Administration’s stance on this issue is way off base and deserves to be deep-sixed.


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