Yahweh and Allah Are NOT the Same God

Obama has issues- 20 years of Hate Speech comi...

Obama and Wright—bros for life. ... (Photo credit: Free America2012)

President Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright—you know, the one who says all sorts of racist and whacko stuff, yet somehow Obama never heard ANY of that in 20 years of attending Wright’s church—is at it again.

Wright recently launched into some more tirades, virtually all of which was more of his usual BS, but one comment in particular struck me as being in dire need of addressing. Here it is, per an article on The Blaze:

“Those are two different gods, and I ain’t talking about Allah and Yahweh. Those are the same names for the same God.”

Wrongo. Try again. I’ll say this as clearly as possible: Yahweh and Allah are NOT the same God. To wit:

  • The Judeo-Christian Yahweh guarantees us salvation by His grace, while the Muslim Allah says that salvation is only by works—and even then is not a sure thing.
  • The former is self-sacrificing, personal, and loving, while the latter is none of these. (Yes, I realize that the Old Testament Yahweh comes across as more harsh than the New Testament Jesus, but, without diving into a prolonged explanation in this post, let me just say that those two are one and the same, two-thirds of the Trinity, and that God’s actions in the Old Testament were before His dispensation of grace—He had to first get us stubborn humans to see our sinfulness, then offer us a way out of it.
  • To put it simply: Yahweh is real and Allah isn’t. Allah was originally a pagan moon-god of the Middle East whom Mohammed co-opted in order to entice followers to his made-up religion of Islam.

This is especially critical to know in this day and age, when radical Muslims are blowing up people left and right yet this country is catering to the demands of Islam (ask Michiganites how they like the Muslim takeover that’s been happening there over the last decade). Allah, as conceived by Islam, comes from the warped mind of a man who suffered from an inferiority complex and desired followers, whereas the existence and truthfulness of Yahweh/Jesus has been attested to over and over by numerous witnesses.


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  1. Eugene Adkins
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 18:03:44

    You’re right. It may be the same word in Arabic, but it is not the same name for the same God.


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