Atheist Votes ‘Nay’ to my ‘Yay,’ but He No Listen to What I Say

I recently published a post on evangelist Anne Graham Lotz saying she won’t vote for atheist political candidates, and stated my agreement with her position. I also said this shouldn’t ruffle any feathers though I knew it would … and it did. I got the following comment on the post:

Shouldn’t ruffle any feathers, huh? Because people whose moral character has just been malined ought not to object, especially not when a reason can be produced for that which makes their actual thoughts, words, and actions completely irrelevant to the question of theiir character.

Not the clearest English I’ve ever seen, but I think what this guy is saying is that Lotz and I were maligning the moral character of professed atheists. I can’t speak for Lotz, but as for myself, I certainly wasn’t intending to malign or otherwise judge the moral character of atheists; being an atheist doesn’t by definition make you immoral (though I would argue that being an atheist does by definition make morality a moot point). But anyway, my point wasn’t about morality.

My point was simply that I, as a Christian, don’t want an atheist in power. Simple as that. I believe that religious liberty has already suffered enough in this country in recent decades, and even if it hadn’t, I wouldn’t want the reins being held by someone possibly hostile to religious freedom. I also believe that true wisdom (which I would want my leader to have) comes from God, and an atheist obviously wouldn’t have access to that. I’m not saying atheists are stupid, but because of their atheism they approach life in a way that precludes the highest form of wisdom—God’s a heck of a lot wiser than any of us, so I want access to His wisdom, and I want my leaders to have access to that wisdom.


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