Massachusetts Court Deals Another Blow to Real Marriage

Per Yahoo’s Liz Goodwin:

On Thursday, a federal appeals court in Boston ruled that the government’s ban on gay marriage, called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), violates the Constitution and should be struck down.

The court’s reasoning? Again, per Goodwin:

The First Circuit Court found that the federal government does not have a right to interfere in states’ definition of marriage, but stopped short of arguing that gay people have a constitutionally protected right to legal marriage. The case is likely to be taken up by the Supreme Court.

I agree with the federalist approach that most matters should be left up to state and local governments … but this principle, for the most part, was thrown out the window long ago. For decades the courts have been giving the federal government more and more power, so I find it … convenient … that in this instance, of all times, a court should suddenly place high value once again on states’ rights. But of course, this court is in Massachusetts, which was the first state to recognize same-sex “marriage.” Something smells funny, and it ain’t the watah in Boston Hahbah.

And for the record, I support DOMA; there is no “constitutionally guaranteed right” to same-sex marriage.


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