Green Lantern Goes Gay … Yay (Not)

Cover to Green Lantern (vol. 4) #1. Art by Car...

The latest victim of the homosexual agenda. … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the Green Lantern, or at least one iteration of him, is homosexual. This was the top-trending item on Yahoo most of today, and I’m sure that some people are ecstatic about the Lantern’s coming-out party, but this is utterly ridiculous.

Yes, superhero stories can and do relate to real life, but this is beyond the pale. As an adult fan of comic books, I don’t want to open one and see the Lantern’s latest hunk of burnin’ love, and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to see that when I was a kid devouring all the comic books I could get my hands on. This isn’t something we should be exposing children to, and if homosexual adults want their own superhero, they’re free to invent one.

I’m not even a DC guy, and I have no personal investment in any Green Lantern series, but I feel that the typical superhero comic should be a place of escapism and adventure, a place where truth and morality win out—certainly not home to the liberal homosexual agenda. And this doesn’t even work internally in the comic-book universe, because (and I’m not being hateful when I say this) what villain is going to be scared of a homosexual superhero? Aren’t they all just going to mock him? I can see them all doubling over in derisive laughter, the entire situation breaking down into farce.

Anyway, I guess this is just another instance of a deviant superminority (2-4% of the population) and its supporters trying to make its chosen lifestyle seem normal and acceptable. In my universe, it will never be either of those things.

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  1. everythinghk
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 18:13:27

    Just think about all the new villains he’ll be fighting at the next “Rave” or “Circuit Party”

    Seriously I could not agree with you more. Not to sound like an old fart here but during the 70’s and 80’s when I was reading comics, what constituted “Getting lucky” was Spiderman getting smooch from Gwen Stacy from saving her from a 100 story plunge off the Empire State building from the Green Goblin.

    So we are forcing an agenda of early loss on innocence to those that read these comics at age 8 while trying to learn to read.

    Honestly you never saw the Hulk in a three way with 2 supermodels just like you should never see the Green Lantern’s “Special friend” or “Living Partner”

    Comics for me where all about good defeating evil not tolerance and acceptance.

    Can you imagine Batman giving the Joker a break because he had a rough childhood. I don’t think so!



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