Obama’s Snobbishness and Cowardice Concerning Abortion

You know, the good thing about the upcoming election (besides the possibility of getting rid of Obama) is that his true colors are more and more coming out—he really does favor amnesty, and he really does support same-sex marriage, and, as he revealed in a fem-nazi speech yesterday in Denver, he really does favor allowing women to have their unborn children sucked and pulled out of them.

Speaking to a crowd of ultrafems, with a sign on the podium reading “Women’s Health Security,” Obama made clear what he means when he speaks of “women’s health”: abortion (specifically, his belief that women should be allowed to have them).

Obama never used the word, so far as I could find, but he kept referring to a woman’s “right” to make her own “health care choices,” even declaring: “When it comes to a woman’s right to make her own health care choices, they (Romney and other Republicans) want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”

So not only is Obama displaying the chronological snobbishness (“the more modern something is, the better it is”) typical of the left, he’s also putting his cowardice on display, refusing to call a spade a spade—after all, what other “choice” concerning “women’s health care” do we ever talk about?

Mr. President, just say what you mean. Just say that you believe that the Constitution says women have an actual, undeniable right to kill their children in the womb—even though it doesn’t. Just say that you believe that abortion is necessary—even though only approximately 1-2% of abortions are the result of rape or incest, meaning 98-99% of them are due to sheer laziness and irresponsibility.

And what, pray tell, was so bad about the ’50s? I wasn’t alive then, but from what the older generations tell me, that was a pretty good decade—rock ’n’ roll, drive-in movie theaters, a society that was generally a heck of a lot more wholesome. Outside of a few real political reforms (e.g. black civil rights) and a lot of our technological advances (e.g. Internet, cell phones, improved medicine), I fail to see how the present time is better than the 1950s. Back then, people weren’t walking into movie theaters and temples loaded for bear, foreign terrorists weren’t bombing us, and most people weren’t acting as though there’s absolutely nothing wrong or out of the ordinary about two guys getting “married” or a woman murdering her unborn child.

And when, oh when, Mr. President, will you and other “progressives” realize that an abortion affects not only the woman’s body, but the baby’s as well?

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