Obama knows BS

Very classy, Mr. President, calling Mitt Romney a BSer. Especially since you’re pretty adept at BSing your way through life.

Lots of liberals don’t want to believe this, but Mr. Obama has spent pretty much his entire existence making it up as he goes.

  • He’s never lived in a black neighborhood, never lived among the poor people he was supposedly helping, never got his hands dirty with them, never became a true part of their community … but he says he was a community organizer.
  • By his own admission in his memoir, and as corroborated by people who knew him at the time, he drifted through prep school and a largely unknown college in a druggie haze, turning out unspectacular academic performances … but somehow got into Columbia and Harvard.
  • He never wrote an article for the Harvard Law Review … but somehow became its editor.
  • He likes to say he was a constitutional law professor, but the truth is that he was a lecturer … which is several steps below professor.
  • During his time as a lecturer, he “did the minimal amount of work to get through. No one remembers him. He was not a participant in luncheons or workshops. He was here and gone,” according to former University of Chicago Law School colleague Richard Epstein.
  • He spent nearly two decades under the pastorship of racist venom-spewer Jeremiah Wright … yet insists he never once heard Wright say anything inflammatory.
  • Despite a decided lack of writing experience, he received a $125,000 advance to write a book about race relations … which he didn’t write, but spent all the money anyway (on a vacation to Bali for him and his wife) … so he begged for another chance, and he received another advance—this one for $40,000—to write what became not a book on race relations, but a memoir called Dreams From My Father … the style of which was strikingly similar to that of his terrorist friend William Ayers, spurring many (legitimate) accusations of plagiarism.
  • Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign made a big point of Sarah Palin’s “lack of experience” (despite her experience as a mayor and a governor) … but after a mere 143 days as a U.S. Senator (and zero executive experience, business or political), he decided he was fit to be president.

Yeah, he sounds reeeeeaaal fit to be president. But he does deserve accolades for pulling off one of the biggest con jobs in the history of the world.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to con even large numbers of people when many of those people don’t bother checking out your background. All of this information was public in 2008, and remains so. Wake up, America.


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