Best. Obama. Pic. Ever.

Yes. That’s more like it.

The man we know as Barack Hussein Obama is really nothing more than a teleprompter screen written over by a lifelong series of radical leftist handlers who made him the one they wanted him to be. He really isn’t his own person.


My New Sig!

Here’s my new sig to use on CelticsBlog forums!

A Fish Tale for the Ages

Ever heard of the alligator gar? Neither had I until just now. It’s a fish—a real big fish. And some guy in Texas landed a record one. I could say more, but this is something you’ve just gotta see to get the full impact, so go here for a photo and the full story, which is fascinating.

World’s Tallest Basketball Player Has World’s Worst Vertical Leap

Just came across this on The Post Game on Yahoo! Sports and wanted to share it with you all.

Make fun of this guy all you want, but he can still do something I can’t do: dunk.


Racist Obama Bumper Sticker Crosses the Line

I’ve yet to come out and say so on this site, so I’ll make it clear now: I dislike Barack Obama, as our president and as a person, and I’d be hard-pressed to find an election matchup in which Obama would be the better-looking candidate. Nonetheless, he’s still a person, still made in God’s image and thus deserving of respect, and the makers of a new bumper sticker have crossed the line with the message Don’t Re-Nig. This is completely uncalled for and has no place in our society. Click here to read the full story on Yahoo!

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Nearly Blinds TCU Student

English: brown recluse as compared to a U.S.A....

The deadly villain. ... Image via Wikipedia

I love weird news, and today I came across this: Nikki Perez, 21, a student at Texas Christian University, was nearly blinded in her left eye after suffering a bite on the ear from the deadly brown recluse spider. The Daily Mail has the story and some nice photos—if you don’t like seeing massively inflated faces, don’t look—though I wish the story didn’t bring up the whole “global warming” thing—yes, I’m a skeptic, but I’ll save that for another time. For now, just enjoy the story—thanks to God, she recovered.

Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead

British singer Davy Jones (member of The Monke...

Monkees singer Davy Jones. ... Image via Wikipedia

A bit of sad news. As reported by TMZ, longtime Monkees lead singer Davy Jones died yesterday morning after suffering a heart attack. He was 66.

The Monkees—Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork—exploded onto the scene in the mid-1960s, with Jones becoming the original TV heartthrob. I have great memories of my sister and I watching the TV show (in reruns, in the ’80s) featuring the band, the four guys getting into all sorts of trouble, being chased by bad guys and engaging in all sorts of hijinks. She and I really enjoyed that show.

I guess the show was a revolutionary concept: a scripted sitcom featuring an actual rock ‘n’ roll band that was assembled specifically for the show. Of course, the band didn’t stay confined to the show, doing all sorts of tours and records and becoming a sensation in the U.S. and beyond. The Monkees were so popular, in fact, that in 1967 they outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. As for Jones, he was so popular that another rising pop star, David Jones, was forced to change his name—to David Bowie.

This Chicago Sun-Times article on Jones and the Monkees is great, covers a lot of ground in a relatively short space, including some interesting tidbits that probably a lot of people never knew.

Rest in peace, Davy.

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