CMI Rebuts Nye

Creation Ministries International has produced a video in response to Bill Nye’s somewhat-incoherent, anti-creationist blubbering. Something that struck me about Nye’s video is how unprepared he seems, as though he just plunked himself down in front of a camera on the spur of the moment without any prior thought as to what he was going to say. Then again, I’d think that someone who calls himself “The Science Guy” and has lots of TV experience should be able to rattle off an informed little speech anytime, but I guess not—perhaps because his position is indefensible?

Advertisements An Excellent Resource

Genesis : Creation of Eve; marble relief on th...

The creation of Eve from Adam's rib, as depicted on an Italian cathedral. ... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just wanted to give a quick plug for a favorite resource of mine:, online home of Creation Ministries International.

I receive no funding, advertising or other form of sponsorship from CMI, and I have no official affiliation with it—I’m just a big fan of their work, and refer to it quite often in my columns here on my site. CMI is one of the leading Young Earth Creationist organizations in the world, dedicated to showing, through the sciences, the accuracy, validity and literalness of the Genesis creation account.

CMI is staffed with many highly qualified scientists who know their stuff—scientifically and Biblically. And since I’m already talking about CMI, let me recommend to you today’s featured article at, one that illustrates an important point in the fight against evolutionary thought. Enjoy!

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